• 2022

    100th Year Completion

    Year of Centenary Celebrations.

  • 2018-2021

    Jubilee Hall Construction and Major Renovation

    The Jubilee Hall was Constructed and a Major Renovation of the School was Undertaken.

  • 1998

    Inauguration of the Computer Centre

    A New Computer Centre was Constructed and Inaugurated.

  • 1970

    New Office Block Construction

    The Archbishop Angelo Fernandes Block or the New Office Block was Constructed.

  • 1967

    CBSE Affiliation

    St. Anthony’s Boys’ School Received CBSE Affiliation.

  • 1956

    Secondary School Recognition

    St. Anthony’s Boys’ High School Received Delhi Government Recognition as Secondary School.

  • 1954

    High School Recognition

    St. Anthony’s Boys’ Primary School Received Delhi Government Recognition as High School.

  • 1947

    Girls’ School Given to CFMSS Sisters

    The Administration of the Girls’ School was Handed over to CFMSS Sisters.

  • 1937

    Boys’ and Girls’ Schools Separated

    Separate Building for Boys’ School was Constructed and Boys’ and Girls’ Schools were Separated

  • 1935

    School Renamed

    St. Anthony’s Mission (co-ed) School is Renamed as St. Anthony’s Primary (co-ed) School.

  • 1934

    St. Anthony’s Orphanage Built

    Fr. Louis Turcheschi built St. Anthony’s Orphanage on February 19, 1934.

  • 1933

    School Building Constructed

    The First Permanent School Building (near DBG Road) and Staff Quarters were Constructed by Fr. Louis Turcheschi.

  • 1932

    School Received Grant-in-aid

    St. Anthony’s Mission (co-ed) School Received Grant-in-aid from Municipal Education Office, Delhi.

  • 1931

    School Recognized

    St. Anthony’s Mission (co-ed) School was Recognized by Municipal Education Office, Delhi.

  • 1922

    School Established

    St. Anthony’s Mission (co-ed) School was Founded by Fr. Luca Vannucci.

Tribute to Fr. Luke E. Vannucci, The Unsung Hero

(September 30, 1882 to March 16, 1976)

Fr. Luca Earnesto Vannucci or Fr. Luke Earnest Vannucci was born on September 30, 1882 in Glaciana in the Diocese of Prato, Italy.

He joined the Order of Capuchins and made his first solemn vows on September 10, 1899. He was ordained a priest on December 21, 1907 and his province sent him as a missionary to the Agra Mission. He arrived in India on December 17, 1910. He was appointed parish priest of St. Mary’s Church, Old Delhi on February 11, 1919. He remained in Delhi till 1940.

He started three schools in Delhi and also helped RJM sisters to start the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Gold Dak Khana with the blessings of Archbishop Angelo Raffaele Bernacchioni, O.F.M. Cap. (who was archbishop of Agra from 7 August 1917 to 21 August 1937).

The three schools that he started are: Presentation Convent School (Originally St. Teresa’s Parish High School); St. Anthony’s Boys’ School and St. Anthony’s Girls’ School.


Fr. Luke Vannucci received the Silver Medal for outstanding work form the then Government of India on May 6, 1935 and the Government of India again awarded him with another Silver Medal of Honor on May 12, 1937.

There is one very interesting and sad thing that happened in the life of Fr. Luke. That is, the three schools he founded did not publicly acknowledge Fr. Luke as the founder of their schools and sometimes were claiming the credit to themselves. This had pained Fr. Luke very much when he was India and he had brough it to the notice of the church authorities. But nothing happened.

Fr. Luke left India in April 1969 for his native Italy due to his illness. And in the year 1971 there was a General Election in India and Mrs. Indira Gandhi of Congress was elected to be the Prime Minister of India. Fr. Luke, who was in Florence at that time, wrote a letter to Mrs. Indira Gandhi. He had two reasons to pen this letter. One, to congratulate her on winning the election and second, to bring to her notice the criminal neglect of not acknowledging him as the founder of these schools. Interestingly, Mrs. Indira Gandhi replied to his letter on 23rd of April 1971. This is what she wrote to him in reply:

“I have visited all those institutions you have constructed in New Delhi. All of them are well appreciated and I am sure that the people especially the parents would know that you are the author of all those institutions.” (From, Like a Mustard Seed, p. 578).

He did not write this letter in order to seek attention to himself. He had two valid reasons to do that. One, if he is not the founder of these schools, then where did the benefactors and doners money go? Second, if he is not the founder of these schools, then why did the Indian Government award him silver medals twice? Was the award given to a wrong and undeserving person or did he buy the award by bribing the award selection committee members? As none of these was true by writing this letter, he was only putting the records straight.

Fr. Luke left this earth to the heavenly abode from Florence in the Order’s Convalescence Home on 16th March 1976.

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